Life Science Journal of Pakistan is starting its journey in the field of life sciences , it will be published after every three months and four issues in a year with a special issue. The journal is commencing its publication with a hope and enthusiasm with which our early Nobel laureates started to discover the areas of life sciences. We are inspired by our early biologists and life science researchers who brought this scientific knowledge to a level where it can be further explored and dug into to resolve the perplexes of living things.

This journal is a start, a start to convey and communicate among life science researchers in those areas which are yet to be discovered and are waiting to be explored by some other talented scientist like Watson and Crick as both of these had taken this science at a level much deeper than conventional biology research by discovering DNA, the basic molecules of life science.

The journal aims to publish research of scientific community from all over the world especially from developing countries. This shows our motivation for the advancement of life science discipline. Hope you will contribute to this journal by submitting papers for publishing. Our publishing system is very well organized and online. Submissions are accepted only through online and review process is fast and precise.

Editorial Team